Colorado CarShare and The Alliance Center are excited to announce a partnership that will improve community mobility while reducing carbon and costs! The goal — tackle climate challenges and maximize positive impacts for business and society. 

Earlier this year, The Alliance Center announced a vehicle-to-building (V2B) project in collaboration with Fermata Energy. The pilot will connect electric vehicles (EVs), grid electrification and building resiliency to combat climate change in a unique way. Colorado CarShare strengthens this project by incorporating EV car sharing into the equation. Specifically, the shared EV will be available to The Alliance Center staff and tenants along with the broader community. The electric vehicle’s battery will serve as a demand resource by providing power to The Alliance Center when it is parked. 

Bi-directional charging where vehicle provides power to the building

“Not only will this effort help reduce the building’s reliance on energy during high-cost demand events, but the community will be able to access a zero emission vehicle,” said Chris Bowyer, director of building operations at The Alliance Center

The car will also replace an estimated 9 to 13 individually-owned vehicles due to its carsharing model. This would be equivalent to the CO2 emissions equivalent to between 4,600 and 6,800 gallons of gasoline per year. 

This opportunity allows The Alliance Center, Fermata Energy and Colorado CarShare to be at the forefront of V2B and EV technologies and is one of the first partnerships of its kind in the world combining carsharing and V2B to a building business model.

As a fundamental tenet of Colorado CarShare is to serve our community by providing sustainable mobility solutions, including shared electric vehicles, we are excited to partner on this national first with The Alliance Center and Fermata Energy. We expect this initiative to act as a catalyst for many more shared electric vehicle (V2B) charging stations in similar communities around Denver and beyond.