For businesses, nonprofits, government and other organizations, a Colorado CarShare membership helps you to maximize your transportation options while keeping your business running smoothly and sustainably. Reduce fleet or business travel costs, while incentivizing staff to commute with alternative options AND have a business car when needed.


  • Replaces the need to manage an in-house fleet or reimburse staff for parking, mileage, and gas. Extremely affordable and convenient, your business can say goodbye to the rising costs of gas, insurance, maintenance, and parking . They’re all on us!
  • Get 50% of your carshare costs back in tax credits! HB22-1026 = 50% of eligible expenses are refundable during tax filing (consult with your CPA). This includes up to $125,000 Refundable Credits for Mobility Expenses (carshare, bike share, public transit, carpool/vanpool)
  • Special pricing for businesses and nonprofit organizations, with rates as low as $6.50/hour and $69 Hourly Max (25% off those rates for nonprofits). 

For more information about our partnerships, please contact [email protected]

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