Fees and Credits

Below is a brief list of our most commonly assessed Fees & Credits.

Late Return

Displacement CreditThe member before you returns the car late.Varies – cost for alternative mode trip (if necessary) unless otherwise agreed upon with CO CarShare staff; reservation time will be adjusted to reflect actual start time, not reserved start timeAll members need to be respectful of others and return cars on time.
Late Return – With NoticeYou try to extend your reservation, but can’t and then notify us at least 15 minutes BEFORE your reservation expires that you are going to be late.Regular hourly rate and mileage for reserved time + $1/minute that the car is used past the reservation time.If you are late you significantly inconvenience others and we incur staff time to fix the issue.
Late Return – Without NoticeYou return the car late and do NOT notify us.Regular hourly rate and mileage for reserved time + $1/minute for time used after the reservation.If you do not notify us ahead of time your tardiness can unnecessarily cause significant inconvenience and disruption.

Trip Cancellation/Change

Note: Colorado CarShare discourages members from driving when ice and snow have made the roads dangerous. If you are concerned about hazardous road conditions due to inclement weather, you may cancel your reservations, or return a Colorado CarShare vehicle late, without incurring any penalty or cancellation fees, provided you speak to, or leave a message for, a Colorado CarShare staff member before or during your reservation. The vehicle should be returned to the designated parking spot as soon as it is safe to do so.
The cancellation policy reflects bookings less than 2 days in length. Any booking 2 days and longer should be paid for at least 2 days in advance and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Trip Cancellation/Change > 12 Hours in Advance or within 30 minutes of making reservationYou cancel your reservation more than 12 hours before the start time or within 30 minutes of making reservation.No charge.Canceling well in advance or right after making the reservation allows other members to book the car.
Trip Cancellation/Change 4 – 12 hours in AdvanceYou make a reservation and then cancel it between 4 -12 hours in advance.50% of the time of the reserved cost less any time that is “reused” by another member.When you cancel with less than 12 hours notice it is less likely that others will be able to reuse your time. You are responsible for half the time that is not reused by another member.
Trip Cancellation/Change < 4 hours in AdvanceYou make a reservation and then cancel it less than 4 hours in advance.100% of the time of the reservation less any time that is “reused” by another member.When you cancel with less than 4 hours notice it is unlikely that others will be able to reuse your time. You are responsible for any time that is not reused by another member.


Failure to Report DamageYou do not report current damage or damage you did during your reservation.$100 + damage repair costs (if at fault)You did not report current damage to the car. You caused damage to the car during your reservation and did not report it.
Damage/AccidentYou are in an accident.$1,000This is the amount of our insurance deductible.
Damage/Accident-Enrolled in Damage Fee Waiver ProgramYou are in an accident.$0You already paid into the Damage Fee Waiver Program ($8/month).


Referral CreditYou tell another person about Colorado CarShare and they apply for membership.$25 per referral.The more people sharing cars, the better!
Low GasYou return the car with < 1/2 tank of gas or 50% charge (for EVs).$25/occurrence.This inconveniences the next member and we incur staff costs to remedy the situation.
Remote Unlock/LockYou lock your keyfob in the car.$15 per remote unlock/lock.Cost associated with staff time to help you out.
Car Left UnlockedYou forget to fob out at the end of your trip.$25 first occurrence, $50 thereafter +  any applicable damage/theft costs.This is a very serious offense since leaving a car unlocked poses a significant damage/theft risk.
Bounced Payment/Non-paymentYou receive e-mail notification of a bounced payment but do not correct the issue within 24 hours.$35/occurrence.We incur staff time to follow up with you and fix the issue.
Toll Road FeesYou took a Colorado CarShare vehicle on a managed toll road in the Denver Metro Area.Amount of Toll + 30% processing feeColorado CarShare will automatically assign the fees you accrue during your reservation to your monthly invoice.
After-Hours, Non-emergency Call to Member Services You call our Member Services line (and choose the extension for an emergency call) about a non-emergency situation.$25/occurrence.