Foreign Driving Records

If you have had a driver’s license from outside of the United States in the past two years, you need to contact the agency that issued this license to obtain an official copy of your driving record for our review.  Every country has a different procedure for obtaining these records, and records come in many different formats. We can accept records via mail, fax, or email. Make sure the document includes the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • The issue and expiration date of your license
  • All traffic violations and/or traffic accident details

Please request your driving record in English. We may be able to accept records that are not in English provided that they are furnished with a translation.

Below is a list of countries and how to obtain your record. The information below may not be applicable to every region of your country. If your country is not listed below, try contacting the agency that issued your license, the police department or court. If you find a way to obtain your record from a country not listed below, please let us know and we’ll add the information to our list. 

Please visit Registro Nacional de Reincidencia at

Or, for licenses issued in Buenos Aires, please try this database, and use the “Busqueda Por Documento” section:

A copy of your driving record is available from any RTA Motor Registry. They provide up-to-date information including your demerit point count. To obtain a copy of your driving record, you must:

  • Have Proof of Identity documents or your Driver’s License available.
  • Complete an RTA request for information form and pay a fee.

Australian Capital Territory: Please provide us with a copy of your license history. You can apply by email here:

New South Wales: Please use this link for the Roads and Traffic Authority:

Victoria: Please visit VicRoads here:

Queensland: Please visit the Queensland Government site at

Southern Australia: Information about getting your driving record is obtainable here:

Western Australia: Please visit

For your record details and driving history, contact the Austrian Police Department:

Helmut Apfalter (ADir)
Sicherheits- u. Verkehrspolizeiliche Abteilung
Bundespolizeidirektion Wien
Josef-Holaubek Platz 1
1090 Wien
Telephone: +43 1 31 310 87100

For your record details and driving history, please contact the Royal Bahamas Police Force Traffic Division in Nassau.

For your record details and driving history please visit or email the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Traffic at [email protected]

We will need you to request two documents: 1) regarding the validity dates of your license, and 2) regarding any traffic accidents recorded against you.

To retrieve your record from the Bangladesh Road Transportation Authority (BRTA), contact the Automobile Association of Bangladesh. Phone / Fax: 8311492 / (88 02) 835393

Visit the Federal Government Service to retrieve a copy of your criminal record which will contain your driving record history.

Please visit the DETRAN site to obtain your driving record. You are also able to obtain your driving record by applying in person or through a legal designee.

There does not seem to be an online request form under “services” but you may be able to obtain help from the RTA at

If you want to designate someone else to obtain your abstract for you:

  1. Fill out the Driver Abstract Consent form and give it to your designee.
  2. Your designee must fill out the Driver Abstract Statement of Intent form, and bring both forms (Intent and Consent) to a registry agent office.
  3. S/he can obtain the record and mail or fax (1.608.280.8108) it to us, or request it be mailed directly from the office.
  • British Columbia: Please visit this website for information on how to obtain your driving record.
  • Northwest Territories: Requests must be made in writing. Fax requests can be made by sending a copy of two pieces of identification to the Driving and Vehicle Licensing office at 867-873-0120. There is a cost for the transaction and they ask that you provide credit card information on the fax. Additional questions can be directed to them by phone at 867-873-7487. Address is Government of the NWT, Dept of Transportation, Driver & Vehicle Licensing, Box 1320, Yellowknife NT  X1A 2L9
  • Yukon Territory: Please fax a request to (867) 393 6220. You should include your DOB, driver’s license number, phone number, VISA credit card number and expiration date, signature, and the fax number to which you would like your record sent.If you have more questions, call (867) 667-5315 or 1-800-661-0408 local 5315 (toll free within Yukon) or email [email protected]

Contact the Department of Vehicles & Drivers’ Licensing, 900 Crewe Rd, George Town, Grand Cayman (345) 945-8344

Contact the Ministry of Exterior Relations:

Taichung Transportation Bureau No.101, Minquan Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 40301, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Zip code 40301 Tel: +886-4-22289111

Shenyang City Driving Administration: Drivers Administration of Traffic Police Detachment, Shenyang Public Security Bureau
Address: Bakeshu, Xinjia Village, Yingda Town, Dongling District, Shenyang
Service Telephone: 024-8801 0956

Hong Kong:
You can get your record from the Hong Kong Police Department in the Criminal Traffic Prosecution Division.
Please visit Beijing Traffic Management Bureau for a copy of your record.

Visit the Ministry of Transport website. Alternatively you can obtain records issued by the Secretariat of Transit and Transportation from the Ministry of Transport.

You can access your driving history via Cosevi Seguridad Vial:

For information about any entries on your driving record, contact your local municipal office.

Please visit this page for the Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte:

This page asks for a numero de cedula. This is your state ID number. You should then be able to generate a report for you of any violations that you may have.

Website for Viceministerio de Transporte will allow you to access your record:

A recent traffic violations certificate can be obtained via

The webpage for Viceministerio de Transporte will allow you to access your Record de Licensia de Conducir:

Please contact Trafi for information.

Please provide a statement of the number of points on your license from the Ministry of the Interior. You can obtain this document in-person, by mail, or online. Instructions here.

Contact the Patrol Police Administration of Tbilisi: 13 Km, Davit Agmashenebeli’s Alley, Tbilisi 53-13-43

Contact the Ministry of Transfer and Communications for more information.

Contact the Ministry of Education for a Police Clearance Certificate.

The Central Office of Administrative and Electronic Public Services gives you the online capability to retrieve your driving record.

Contact the Reykjavik Chief of Police.
Phone: +354 444-100
Fax: +354 444-1015
Email: [email protected] 
Address: Hverfisgata 115
IS-150 Reykjavik

Licenses vary by area. Some have a punch system on the license card itself, with a specific “badge details” section that would indicate “endorsements.” Other areas provide a small notebook that would list any endorsements (violations, crashes, suspensions, etc.) Many modern licenses no longer show the record on the license card. You will need to contact the department that issued your license and request a paper copy of your record. For Bangalore, you can check traffic violations or challan online here. For Hyderabad, you can check traffic violations or challan online here. For Mumbai, contact the Transport Department for an “Extract of the Driving License.” For Uttar Pradesh, obtain your Extract of Driving License from the Uttar Pradesh Department of Transport, and check your traffic violations or challan online here.

Contact the Polri Daerah Metro Jaya Dan Sekitarnya Resor Metropolitan Jakarta Timur.


Please visit RSA for more information.

Please send your driving information from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department and a statement regarding your criminal record from the Israel Police Traffic Division, Traffic Records Unit. You may also obtain a letter from your insurance company stating your history of claims and accidents.

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday 07.00-20.00/Friday: 07.00-13.00 Tel: 1-700-70-43-70
Voice Mail: 24 hours Tel: 03-5024000
Ministry of Transport website: (For English:

Need to request record in person from Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force If there is no record of driving offenses, document should state as such.

Your driving record is available online from the Ministero dei Transpori as an estratto conto punti patente on their website.

Please retrieve your Clean Accident and Offense Record Certificate by going to the Japan Safe Driving Center.

Contact the Public Security Directorate Traffic Department. Please visit for information in obtaining your driving record.

We have had applicants obtain a statement from their local police/traffic department via a proxy that they have no accidents on record.

Please obtain a copy of your Certificate of Driver’s License. Visit KoROAD for more information.

Alternatively, you may designate a representative who can visit your local Driver’s License Testing Center for you. Your representative will need:

  • Their own ID
  • Application form for the Certificate of Driver’s License
  • Letter of Authorization (including your name, your representative’s name, the purpose of authorization, and your signature)
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your driver’s license

The Ministry of Interior allows you to conduct a Vehicle Traffic Violations Inquiry here:

Contact the Ministry of Transport, Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD). They will issue a document regarding any information about you that may exist in the register of drivers.
Phone: +371 7025750
Fax: +371 7828301
Email: office 
Address: 25 Miera St
Riga, LV-1001

Contact the Chief Police Commissariat, Traffic Supervision Division for a “Notification on Traffic Events.”
Phone: (8-46) 354442
Fax: (8-46) 354461

Contact your City Court official for a Certificate.

You can acquire your online driving abstract from the Road Transport Department. Your record will state if you have any “Kejara” points on your record.

Contact the General Police Commissariat of Mun. Chisinau, Road Police Station:
Phone: 27 25 01
Address: Tiraspolului, 11, str City Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Contact the Department of Transport Management:

Contact the RDW for a copy of your driving history. Request the form called “Aanvraag Echtheidsverklaring Nederlands Rijbewjs.”

You may apply for a list of traffic offences on your New Zealand driver license record by either faxing +64 6 953 6267, by emailing [email protected] or writing to:

Driver Licensing Administration Transport Registry Centre – Land Transport New Zealand Private Bag Manawatu Mail Centre 4442 NEW ZEALAND

All Requests must include the following information:
– driver license number (if known)
– full name (as shown on your license)
– date of birth
– postal address (to have the information sent)
– OR email address (to receive the information electronically)
– contact phone number

Lagos State: Contact your Federal Road Safety Commission
Ojodu – Isheri Roa
P.M.B. 21510 Ikeja, Lagos State
Phone: 01-7933148, 01-7200066 has information about licenses and permits and should be able to retrieve your driving record electronically.

Your driving record may appear on your physical license. If so, and if you have no violations, please fax us a copy of your license. If your license does not contain your driving history, please contact your local traffic police office in Pakistan to obtain a letter that makes reference to your driving record.

You can electronically retrieve your license information through the Road Transit and Transport Authority via their page here:

To obtain a copy of your “Holder’s Certificate”, please contact the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.  This document will detail information about your license as well as mention any sanctions or lack thereof on your record.

To obtain your “Certification” which will include details about your license as well as list any traffic violations/apprehensions on file, please contact the Department of Transportation and Communications Land Transport Office (in Quezon City). Procedure can be found on their license FAQ page.

For a Clearance Certificate, which contains information on any entries found for you in the Police Record of Traffic Violating Drivers, contact your local police headquarters. Instructions can be found on site here.

To obtain a copy of your driving record, please contact:

National Authority for Road Safety
[email protected]
Tel: 21 312 21 00.

Forms at

A driver’s record can be obtained by sending a letter to the address printed below with the following information: your full name as it appears on your Puerto Rico driver’s license, social security number, date of birth, license number, reason for request, address where the record should be mailed and your daytime telephone number.  Along with this letter you must also include a photocopy of a valid photo identification, preferably your Puerto Rico driver’s license, and a money order in the amount of $1.50 made out to: Secretary of Treasury (personal checks are not acceptable).

Requests usually take 10 business days by regular mail.  However, if you need to receive the document sooner, DISCO (Directoría Servicios al Conductor) recommends that you request it to be sent via UPS or Airborne Express.  You must call the carrier service before mailing your request and pay for this service in advance.  Driver’s records are never faxed.

If you need further assistance call the Service Division at (787) 294-2424

Mail your request to:
Service Division Archives
DISCO/Driver Services
P.O. Box  41243
San Juan, PR  00940-1240

Physical Address:
Puerto Rico Industrial Park
Marginal Carr. #3 Km 12.0 Hm 5.0 Lote #9
Barrio Canovanilla
Carolina, PR  00985

E-Services portal for Traffic Services (Driver’s License Inquiry): is the main site.

Contact the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs, Drivers Licenses and Vehicles Matriculation Board which will certify that you have not deviated from the Road Code.

Contact the Traffic Police Directorate in your area. For a directory of offices go to

Visit the Ministry of Interior website at and click on e-services, then click on Traffic and Query Traffic Violations and enter your ID number. This will bring up a list of any unpaid violations you may have had. Using Internet Explorer as a browser seems to work best for obtaining the online form.

Retrieve your driving record electronically through the Singapore government website. Please make sure you retrieve all pages, including the page that shows the validity dates of your license, as well as a statement about any demerit points.

Contact the District Administration of Police Force in Kosice, Division of Public Order – Department of Records for your “Registration File.”

To obtain a copy of your record, contact the Ministry of Justice – Sector for Execution of Penal Sanctions, Division of Penal and Reeducation Record.

For a statement of any restrictions or endorsements on your record, contact the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) or your Local Municipality. We would need the document called South African Police Service Clearance Certificate.

Contact information: SAPS Criminal Record Centre, Private Bag x 308, Pretona 0001 Tel No: +27 12 393 3928 Fax No: +27 12 393 3909

You can acquire your driving record online from the Direccion General de Trafico.

Contact the Department of Motor Traffic Send us your Endorsement Sheet and make sure it includes your Demerit Points and Fines in Lieu of Prosecution.

Can obtain document from “Transport Styrelsen” called “Certificate of Swedish Driving license”

Please contact the Automobile and Navigation Services in the Department of Institutions. Request an “ADMAS Register.” Contact information:
SAN – Route de Veyrier – 1227 Carouge
Phone: +41 (22) 388 30 30
Fax: +41 (22) 388 30 11

Visit to obtain your “Verification Certificate of Driver’s License” which should include your Traffic Accident Records

The Department of Land Transport may be able to issue you your driver’s certificate, but please be aware that this is a new governmental function and it may not be possible.

Please visit the website of the Turkish National Police:

At this website, a driver can request a ‘Driving License Penalty Points Inquiry’, which is done instantly online. In order to run this check, the customer needs something called an ‘e-government’ password. Please contact your local police station in Turkey (or your nearest Turkish Embassy if you are overseas) to obtain this password if you do not already have it.

For information about your driver’s license, and to obtain a copy of your “Driving Violations Record” (issued by the Department of Documentation), please contact the Interregional Registration Department.

Use the Roads and Transport Authority portal to get an RTA eCertificate online

To get your driving record, Please visit You can click on the “Save or print this license” link at the top of the result screen to save the result as a PDF.

To obtain your Driver’s Record, please contact the Office of Transit and Transport – Service for the Control of Drivers.

Contact the Instituto Nacional de Transito y Transporte Terrestre, Gerencia de Registro de Transito in Caracas which should be able to provide you with a driving record with the relevant information.

It’s unclear whether they keep driving records, but here are the relevant offices for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City:

Hanoi Department of Transportation and Public Works

  • Department of Transportation (Traffic) and Public Works
    At: 16 Cao Ba Quat Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
    Tel: (04) 39422715
  • At: 2 Phung Hung, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
    Tel: (04) 433824404

Ho Chi Minh City Office of Transportation

  • Office of Transportation
    At: 63 Ly Tu Trong Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
    Tel: (08) 38223760

Please obtain a copy of your driving record from the Virgin Islands Police Department

Traffic Record Check Form: