Help us Continue to Serve You!

Dear eGo Amigos/Amigas!

For over 20 years eGo CarShare has kept our (car) doors open, and recently we have heard from you that we are a vital public service and for many, a life-line at this critical time. As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are working hard to keep our fleet clean, healthy and in service for you.

Please consider donating to keep eGo CarShare available to you and those most vulnerable in our community. OR invest in your future trips with prepaid bonus credit.

Hear from Noelle about how eGo helps her get to the food bank!
Now more than ever we need your help if we are to survive and continue to be a vital resource to our community during and beyond the current crisis.

If everyone donates just $10-$25, we can likely weather the Covid-19 storm and continue to offer you low cost access to vehicles when you need them. Your impact will be doubled as our Board will match every penny donated up to $5,000!

Prepaid Credit

Prepaid credit is a win-win! By prepaying* you get free carshare credit with an up-front investment while supporting eGo.

  • $100 earns you a 10% bonus ($110 in credit)
  • $500 earns you a 15% bonus ($575 in credit)
  • $1000 earns you a 25% bonus ($1250 in credit)

Just give us a call at 303-720-1185 and mention “Credit 100/500/1000” depending on how much of a bonus you want.

Keeping You Safe

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we continue to work hard to keep you safe, with increased sanitation efforts and additional attention to the high-touch places. We also ask that you please use the provided wet wipes / sanitation before and after your trips. For more information on prevention tips, visit the CDC’s website.

Thank you for supporting your community carshare!


~ eGo CarShare