Dear eGo Amigos & Amigas!

Many of you have stepped up in a HUGE way and provided extra support since COVID-19 began (see below), and we THANK YOU SO MUCH!! But Coronavirus is getting the better of us.

While our staff has already taken voluntary pay and time cuts in order to save our home-grown family (so please be patient with us), we really need your help now more than ever. It’s not too late! Here’s how you can help eGo survive, thrive and build a more prosperous, resilient and sustainable Colorado…

Free Credit for Medical/Healthcare & Volunteers

If you are a medical or health professional, or a volunteer for a nonprofit like Boulder Food Rescue, Denver’s or part of a formal Covid-19 response effort, we want to show you our gratitude and help the helpers with free eGo CarShare usage. Give us a call at 303-720-1185 to redeem.

Not a Volunteer? Please Donate!

If everyone donates just $25-$50, we can continue to offer you low cost access to vehicles when you need them, now and beyond the crisis. Your impact will be doubled as our Board will match every penny donated up to $5,000!

Sponsor an eGo Car & Get Prepaid Credit!

As COVID continues to take its toll, we are being forced to scale back. If you want to ensure that your neighborhood car stays put, please consider sponsoring an eGo vehicle while getting free carshare credit as a win-win!

  • $100 earns you a 10% bonus ($110 in credit) + neighborhood car stays put for 1 week
  • $500 earns you a 15% bonus ($575 in credit) + neighborhood car stays put for 1 month
  • $1000 earns you a 25% bonus ($1250 in credit) + neighborhood car stays put for 2 months

Just give us a call at 303-720-1185 and mention “Credit 100/500/1000” depending on how much of a bonus you want.

Dedicated Weekly Rates!

For a flat rate of $238, you can keep an eGo Car for up to one week all to yourself!* And as with all eGo vehicles, this includes gas and insurance (less the $1k damage deductible unless you are signed up for our damage fee waiver program). AND we are including the first 250 miles free! Just give us a call at 303-720-1185 to book your favorite “at-home” vehicle!

Includes gas, insurance, and first 250 miles ($0.20/mile after) for Standard 2WD vehicles(additional $10/day or $70/week surcharge for AWD or truck)

Get Out(side)!

It took a global pandemic for the world to finally acknowledge that nature is in fact a critical, “essential” human service, one that we all need now more than ever! Even with our current Stay at Home order you are allowed to Get Outdoors, but #BeCovidSafe and keep your distance!
We continue to work hard to keep you safe, with increased sanitation efforts. We also ask that you please use the provided wet wipes / sanitation before and after your trips. For more information visit the CDC’s website.

Thank you for supporting your community carshare! ~ eGo CarShare

eGo CarShare’s mission is to empower our community to live a car-free lifestyle and have a positive impact on our health, wealth, and shared environment. We aim to make Colorado a “Cooler”, healthier and more socially equitable place to live.