Help our community win a Mobility Van!

Diane and Marc_logo (Large)On Sunday, October 20th, we will be competing with 5 other non-profit organizations from around the country for a chance to win a Toyota Sienna Mobility Van through the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program. The top 2 organizations with the most votes by the end of the day (10pm MST) will WIN the vehicle of their choice!

If eGo wins, an unlimited number of individuals in our community with mobility challenges will have extremely affordable access to personal transportation options that many of us take for granted in our daily lives. As an added bonus, the versatility of this van would also benefit countless nonprofits in our area.


Please vote on Sunday, October 20th (and set a reminder today) at, and get at least 5 friends to vote as well!

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and your other social networks.

Sample Posts and Tweets

Facebook Posts

100 Cars For Good Banner2
  1. Please post to your Facebook page leading up to October 20th as well as on October 20th.
  2. Use the photo the right. Photos increase the possibility a post will be seen.
  3. Please see the below Sample Facebook posts for both pre and day of voting.
Post between Now and Oct 19th
  • Help eGo CarShare WIN a new Toyota MOBILITY VAN! eGoCarShare is a FINALIST in Toyota's 100 Cars for Good! Sunday, October 20th, they need your vote and your help getting out the vote to your FB friends. 2 orgs per day will win the vehicle of their choice! Set a reminder to vote today for eGo CarShare at
  • Toyota 100 Cars for Good is back! eGo CarShare is a FINALIST this year, which means they could WIN a Toyota Sienna MOBILITY VAN to help mobility challenged members of our community. Their voting day is Sunday, October 20th. Mark your calendars and help spread the word. Set a reminder at to vote for eGo CarShare.
Post on Oct 20th October 20th is a Sunday, please consider scheduling a post in advance for early Sunday morning.
  • Help eGo CarShare WIN a new Toyota MOBILITY VAN. VOTNG is TODAY only at! Please vote NOW and spread the word far and wide. Together we can provide more mobility options to people with mobility challenges.
  • Help eGo CarShare WIN a new Toyota Mobility Van TODAY! eGo is Denver-Boulder’s local, nonprofit carshare organization serving our community since 2001. Please vote NOW and spread the word fare and wide. Together we can provide more mobility options to people with mobility options.
  • Vote TODAY for eGo CarShare your local, nonprofit carshare provider serving our Denver-Boulder communities since 2001. eGo needs your vote (and your neighbors and co-workers, etc) to win a Mobility Van through Toyota’s program. All voting happens today (10/20) and the top two nonprofits win the vehicle of their choice. Please vote and spread the word!


  1. Please shorten the link if needed
  2. Please use the hash tag, #100cars – this will help increase our reach nationally.
  3. See the suggested Twitter posts below.
Tweets for between now and Oct 19th
  • VOTE for eGo CarShare at to win a mobility van in Toyota #100Cars program on Oct 20th! Set a reminder today.
  • Set a reminder to vote for eGo CarShare in Toyota #100cars program! Help us win a Toyota Mobility Van.
Tweets for Sunday, October 20th October 20th is a Sunday, please consider scheduling a tweet in advance for early Sunday morning and again for later in the day.
  • Vote TODAY for eGo CarShare in Toyota #100cars program! Help the community win a Mobility Van.
  • Help eGo CarShare WIN a Toyota Mobility van in Toyota’s #100cars program. Vote Now!
  • Cast your Toyota #100Cars vote today for eGo CarShare at! Help the community win a Mobility Van.
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Denver’s new on-street parking signs are up!


At the end of July, Denver Public Works added 30+ new parking spaces to downtown by finding space at the ends of streets, shifting metered parking, and coming up with other creative ways to accommodate, dedicated, on-street parking spaces for carshare vehicles. Operators were given the opportunity to request these spaces and pay a yearly permit fee to offset lost meter revenue, making the program revenue-neutral for the City. Outside of the downtown area, operators can request parking locations on a sliding permit scale depending on location and whether the space is metered, such as eGo’s newly dedicated space on 32nd (left).

Thanks to all these changes, you will be seeing a lot more carsharing happening in the Mile High City!
CBS 4 local coverage


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eGo CarShare and George Ferris Photography

George Ferris Video thumbnail

Ever wonder how carshare members use our service? This amazing video filmed and edited by George Ferris of George Ferris Photography gives you a quick glimpse into a day in the life of an eGo CarShare reservation. From getting to the car via RTD light rail to picking up friends and equipment (with the help of the in-car eGo CarShare re-usable bags) and on to the photo shoot at snowy Red Rocks. This video gives you a look at how a professional can reduce their costs by utilizing carshare instead of owning their own vehicle!

eGo CarShare & George Ferris Photography

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Prius C – Greenest Car in the US

We knew we liked the new Prius Cs we have been adding to our fleet. – 4 in total so far, but we like them even more now that they have even earned the top spot as the “Greenest Vehicles of 2013”! And even though the Prius C takes top billing, much of our fleet is comprised of vehicles on this list like the Honda Fit, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Honda Insight.

Our members are making great transportation choices by living car-light and eGo is making an investment to keep our fleet as fuel-efficient as possible. A huge win for our environment and communities.

Learn more about the how the Prius C ranks and other green cars in the market at

Welton & 16th 5

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CarShare will have 12 Million Members World Wide by 2020

Today there are about 2.3 million people sharing cars around the globe. With over 7 Billion people on the planet, 3.2 million doesn’t sound like much. But that number will grow to12 million people by 2020 according to some researchers. 12 million people that have changed the way they get around on a daily basis. 12 million people t hat are saving money each month by not owning a personal vehicle. 12 million people who are driving more efficient vehicles then before. The 3.2 millino today and 12 million future carshare members are making decisions that impact all members of the community through air quality, traffic congestion, safety and health.

Smart Planet article

Walk, Bike, Ride the Bus

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