Originally from Ohio, Cathy fell in love with the freedom of transit at age 11. Stemming from days spent busing to her grandparents, biking on Indiana University’s campus, and then guiding students through the Paris metro, Cathy grew into quite the transit geek. In fact, she and her husband searched for a first home in the hub of transit: they live at the intersection of two bus lines, can access four highway on-ramps, and can walk a half-block to a Light Rail station! Moving to Denver in 1991, Cathy taught French and Spanish to middle school students for more than a decade. Switching gears in 2014 brought her to the Citizens’ Academy class at the Transit Alliance and an internship at the Alliance Center, all while volunteering at Transportation Solutions, Denver B-cycle, and Safe Routes to School Coalition. Finally in 2016, she was asked to serve on the board of eGo CarShare and became Outreach Coordinator for 36 Commuting Solutions in Louisville.