Loaning my car to eGo Carshare about 5 years ago was an absolutely great decision. I first thought about ‘loanating’ my car for two main reasons – I wanted to save money, and I also wanted to encourage myself to use other forms of transportation when possible. When I had my car parked in my driveway it was simply too easy to hop inside without having to think about other transportation options. Now my car is stationed half a block away from my house so I really have to choose to go to the car before driving it. Now that I share my car I get the best of both worlds – driving when I really need to, and not driving when I don’t really need to!

By sharing my car I’m also giving other people in my neighborhood more transportation options, so it’s really a win/win situation. I end up walking and riding my bike a lot more, which makes me feel great, and others in my neighborhood can forgo buying a car altogether, knowing there’s one they can use nearby. And of course the financial benefit is great. In exchange for loanating my car, eGo pays for all of my gas, insurance, and maintenance within certain parameters. Score.

I would definitely recommend the loanation program to others. I’ve saved more money than I can calculate, my car has been wonderfully maintained, and it’s hilarious to be out around town and see someone else drive by in my ride! It’s funny, and it’s also heartwarming. I know that I am helping others live a healthier life in the big picture, and that makes me feel really good.