I loanated my car about 6 months ago, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! I owned a car that I rarely used, but I was paying for registration, insurance, and maintenance. It just didn’t make sense. I thought about selling it, but I needed to be able to use a car sometimes, so I wasn’t sure what to do. Enter, the loanation program. When I found out about it, it sounded absolutely perfect. Financially, it just made sense: eGo takes over insurance, maintenance, and even the cost of gas. Awesome. Logistically it seemed like it would work: I was already used to biking or taking transit most of the time, and it seemed pretty easy to get the car back whenever I needed to use it. And, there was a bonus: In addition to all the benefits to me, sharing my car could allow other people to use a shared car instead of owning their own. Now my car is parked just around the corner from my house, and with the mobile site it’s incredibly easy to reserve it. In addition, I have access to all the other eGo vehicles. I started renovating my house around the same time that I loanated my car, and it was incredibly helpful to be able to use the eGo truck for supply runs. I absolutely recommend the loanation program to others who don’t use their car/truck/van very much or would like to use it less!