Celebrating 25 Years of Carsharing Impact!

Yep, it’s all a bit surreal, but we are now officially a quarter century young. With 25 years of helping Colorado get there better by providing shared neighborhood vehicles, we have helped to get cars off the road, remove carbon and other pollution, and create more saved money in our Members’ pockets.

As a part of that celebration, we are undergoing a deep dive Strategic Planning process to help us find our North Star for the next 10 years. This will guide our work empowering our community to live car-lite lives that will have a positive impact on our health, wealth, and shared environment. 

We are also taking stock of our past work, and want to share with you our current strategic priorities from 2021, along with our goals and impact over time. So here goes, in a few short snippets and images, see how we have helped to make Colorado a “cooler,” healthier, and more socially equitable place to live!

Priority 1: Fleet Electrification

Goals & Status:

GoalCurrent Status – 2023 Goal Achieved!
Electrify 50% of our fleet by 2023, 80% by 2025
  • 31% of active fleet electrified (17 of 55 cars)
  • 66% of overall fleet (51 EVs of 77 cars)

Priority 2: Social Equity

Goals & Status:

GoalCurrent Status – 2023 Goal Achieved!
Add at least 5 new neighborhoods that address social equity initiatives by 2023.                                                                                      Launched 5 new program locations, including neighborhoods in Nederland, Breckenridge (downtown & Colorado Mountain College), Dillon and Denver.
50% of our fleet services in LMI (low-to-mixed income) communities by 2025Approximately 50% of our fleet services mixed-income communities. 
Grow the number of LMI members by 10% by 2023 and 20% by 2025. Current (2022) Survey

  • 286 Respondents
  • ~36.4% < $50k family household income; ~51.7% < $75k family household income

Priority 3: Financial Sustainability and Growth

Goals & Status:

GoalCurrent Status – Making Progress
Grow pre-COVID fleet size 50% by 2023. Double fleet by 2025. Baseline = 45 cars57 active cars as of 12/2023 (27% growth, including vehicle retirement); 75 cars overall (67% growth)
Financial Sustainability (Positive Net Income & Balance Sheet + Reserves); 2023: Positive net income, diversified revenue and growing reserves; Ask for our latest  990 for more.

So that’s all fine and dandy, but how do we translate that into impact? These are the areas we focus on:

  1. Reduction in carbon emissions
  2. Less congestion and parking demand
  3. Decreased VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled)
  4. Increased mobility alternatives, especially for local workforce and residents
  5. Complimenting regional transit, biking, walking and micro-mobility (bike & scooter share)
  6. Equitable access to mobility solutions

Specifically we translate this into the following benefits for each round-trip, station-based carshare vehicle:

  • Replaces 9-13 personally owned vehicles
  • Reduces an ~ 150,000 vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
  • Averts over 8,000 gallons of gasoline from being used* (*EV savings are greater)
  • Prevents over 73 tons of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere*
  • Helps our members drive an average of 44% less and save up to $6,500 in car expenses
  • Reduces demand for parking, and traffic/congestion

Multiply that by our 60 vehicles and thousands of members who depend on Colorado CarShare and you can get a sense of our impact. Our next step for 2024 – launching an additional 15-20 new electric carshare vehicles / locations!