What is CarSharing?

CarSharing is a type of car rental designed to be convenient for people who want to use cars for relatively short periods of times (as little as 15 minutes, usually a few hours, up to multiple days) and only pay for their usage (your costs depend on how long you have a car and miles driven). CarSharing is also practical because it allows you to access vehicles conveniently located within your neighborhood at any hour of the day, not just business hours. We have cars located throughout neighborhoods and business districts of Boulder, Denver and Longmont – you pick up at and return your car to its specific (designated) parking location.

eGo CarShare provides the option to live a car-lite or car free lifestyle without owning a personal vehicle. With 24/7 access to our fleet of neighborhood-based vehicles, you can run errands in a Toyota Prius, take an AWD Subaru Outback (with ski or bike racks) to the mountains, or use a truck to haul compost to your garden. Leave the not-so-fun car stuff to us – gas, insurance, parking, maintenance – it’s all included.
CarSharing is easy as

1 Become a Member. Quick, easy, and affordable to join. We have the rate plan that will meet your needs and complement your lifestyle.
2 Reserve a car online.  Use our mobile site or the phone to reserve a vehicle at one of our nearby locations. We have over 50 locations to choose from in Denver and Boulder, and over 20 different types of vehicles ranging from the spunky Honda Fit and the classic Prius to our workhorse trucks and minivan.
3 Get to your vehicle and go! Your reservation includes gas, insurance, maintenance, and excellent 24-hour member support.

How do you access that car? Your trusty key fob.


When you become a member, you will receive a personalized key fob from eGo. Attach it to your key chain or put it in your wallet for safekeeping. This little device allows you into the vehicle you reserved when held over the fob reader. The doors unlock and you are on your way! Use your fob to enter and exit the vehicles during your reservation and fob out at the end of your reservation.





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