We offer two different rate plans:

* Gas and insurance are included! Taxes are not included.


 Want an estimate on a trip? Check out our trip calculator.

Which Plan is right for you?

  • Do you plan on driving more than 5 hours a month or like to take day trips? Then Free Wheelin’ is the plan for you.
  • Do you plan on driving less than 5 hours per month and rarely go on day trips? The Peace of Mind plan is for you.

Driving for Work?

Be sure to check out our business and nonprofit rates starting at $4/hr! 

Application Fee

There is a one time application fee of $25 for new accounts or to add a driver to an existing account.

Gas and Insurance

Gas and insurance are included! All our members are covered under our insurance policy. Check out our Damage Fee Waiver Program to learn how to reduce your deductible to $0.

Hourly Cap

We do not have a daily rate. Being a nonprofit carsharing company, we do not bundle mileage and hourly rates in keeping with our mission to reduce the impact of single occupancy vehicles on the environment and community. However, to make carsharing more affordable, we have an hourly cap on the amount you can be charged hourly in 24 hours.

The “hourly cap” is the limit to the per hour charge of an extended reservation and is automatically calculated. For example, a 10 hour reservation on the Free Wheelin’ plan is not $4.50 x 10 hours = $45, it is “capped” at $39.

Mileage fees are calculated separately, making the rate you will be charged the next day for extended trip the hourly cap plus the estimated mileage per hour of your reservation.

As always, your actual mileage rates will be either credited (if you drove less than the billed 5 miles per hour) or billed (if you drove more than the billed 5 miles per hour) to your account invoice at the end of the month when we get the mileage data.

Cancellation Policy Defined

We all know that plans change and meetings are cancelled. As mentioned above, we have updated our cancellation policy to allow you more flexibility when these things happen.

  • No Charge: If you cancel your reservation within 30 minutes of making it.
  • No Charge: If you cancel your reservation more than 12 hours before the start time.
  • No Charge: For any portion of your cancelled (or shortened) reservation which is re-used by another member.
  • 50% Charge: If you cancel your reservation 4-12 hours before the start time and no one re-uses the time.
  • Full Reservation Charge: If you cancel your reservation less than 4 hours before the start time and no one re-uses the time.
  • For weather related cancellations (big snow or ice storm) – there are no penalties for canceling (or returning early) provided you notify us at the time of the cancellation.
  • For more information on our cancellation policies and fees please visit our Fees & Credits page.

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