Zack Pensak

Zack grew up in suburban Connecticut, in an area where it was borderline social faux pas for an individual of age to not have their own vehicle. His first introduction to carsharing came in high school, when Zack and his brother fought tooth and nail over usage of the family’s 2001 Honda Civic. Zack’s “aha moment” came at age 18, while reading Daniel Quinn’s philosophical novel Ishmael, and he then migrated to the University of Vermont to study Environmental Studies and Political Science. His education there culminated with a senior thesis focused on the environmental impact of urban planning for the 2016 Summer Rio Olympic Games. After graduating in 2017 Zack stayed in Vermont and worked at Switchback Brewing Co. for a year before moving to Denver to see what all the fuss was about. When not spreading the eGo good word Zack enjoys playing soccer, seeing live music, shredding some powpow on the mountains, and eating everything in sight.