Hailing from the Motor City, originally, Claudia has both a deep appreciation for the Automobile, as well as a desire to protect the beautiful Michigan lakes & forests, and by extension, the rest of the natural world. Beautiful automobile design & lines still capture her lustful eye while, at the same time, she bemoans the too many highways and social inequities resulting from urban sprawl that the automobile makes possible, along with the huge waste and infiltration of carbon into our atmosphere due to the beloved and deified personal bubble on 4 wheels.

Legs are so much better, when sufficient. Bicycles allow us to connect to the world and people around us, keep us healthy and slow us down a tad. Besides, they’re just fun and joy-inducing! Busses remind us that we can move many people more efficiently and that we’re part of a greater whole. We get to experience humanity at large, when we travel by bus and train. Fuel efficient cars are quiet (we NEED that), and they pay homage to the precarious balance of life on this planet (we NEED that too). They have the advantage of being time-saving and convenient.

We don’t like to talk about the toll one car makes, because we love and depend on our cars SO much. But really!!! Think of all of us drivers, in so many big cities around the world, driving our single occupancy vehicles, non-stop, around the clock, day in and day out. How can that be good? And the wars…because we fight for access to and the price of oil. We sacrifice our sons and daughters for the price of a barrel of crude. Who knew the humble little car could cost so much, be such a social issue?

So anyway, causes and conditions…they lead Claudia here…part of a small team, along with our loyal members, working together to make a difference. Allowing it not always to be about the almighty dollar and the almighty automobile, but rather, about the common good. Approaching our little eGo fleet not as customers and consumers, but rather as stewards of each other, our fellow members, of our little fleet, and of our beloved blue-green sphere. Making a multi-modal difference for the benefit of sentient beings. She is honored to serve our members and our fleet, because we all care and look for ways to express that.