What if the car is dirty with trash, spilled beverages or other debris left in it from a previous member?

This rarely happens, because our members are so courteous and awesome they recognize it is a privilege to be a member of eGo CarShare. In the unusual case that you do find the car to be in unsatisfactory condition, please notify us. The person who left the vehicle in this condition will be subject to a minimum $25 cleaning fine. We do have Car Captains who help us maintain the vehicles, but each member is responsible for removing all personal belongings and trash from the car at the end of each trip.

If you find personal belongings that were left behind from a previous member, please notify us and leave the items in the car, out of sight (put them in the glove compartment or the trunk if possible). We’ve been fortunate to have very trustworthy members who report finding MP3 players, smartphones, etc. left behind in cars. Their rightful owners are always very grateful to get these items back. So please share the love!

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