Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, eGo CarShare is a non-profit organization and all donations qualify as a charitable deduction on your federal income tax return.

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What can I donate?

You can donate most any vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. They do not have to be currently running. Your vehicle donation will be sold at an auction or to salvage, depending on condition.

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Karen Worminghaus, Co-Founder & Operations Director

Karen has been eGo CarShare’s (formerly Boulder CarShare’s) tireless Executive Director since the program’s inception in 2001, and, not coincidentally, she has also been car-free for over 14 years. Karen grew up in the Midwest, but the Rocky Mountains lured her out to Colorado in 1997. Once she discovered she could easily and joyfully get nearly everywhere in Boulder by bike and bus, she was here to stay.

What started out as a volunteer and “hobby” project for Karen has gradually transformed into a thriving, non-profit carsharing program – one of the first of its kind in the nation (as evidenced by our URL From 2001-2010, Karen volunteered her time as ED. During those early years for her “day job” she worked in the LOHAS industry, was the CFO of a local home health care agency, and the Conference Manager for Sustainable Resources (a Boulder NPO). Eventually, though, carsharing took over her life, and it’s not just a hobby anymore. She is passionate about helping to transform the way we think about transportation, and advocates for placing people, rather than cars, at the heart of community planning, so that we can create more sustainable, fulfilling and inspirational communities. Karen holds a BA in physics from DePauw University and a teaching certification from UW-Stevens Point.


Favorite Member Interaction: There are so many, it’s hard to pick just one. All of our members rock! Any person who chooses to live car-lite or car-free inspires me. But here’s an example of how much our members look out for each other: a member left a personal credit card in one of our cars. The next member found it and left us a message about it. When we called her back later that day to arrange to get the credit card back to its rightful owner, she informed us that she had already taken it upon herself to find the credit card owner on Facebook, and she had already returned the card to him. I love it when people help each other out like that.

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Sylvia Taylor – Member Services Manager

Our Member Services Manager, Sylvia Taylor, says she likes her job because she is passionate about environmental conservation, biking and having a car-lite lifestyle.  She was an active member of eGo CarShare for a year even before joining the office team in October 2016. She has done administrative work for various nonprofit organizations for several decades, and in college she studied ecology and education. She has three kids and a grandson and along with them she enjoys singing, yoga, hiking, environmental activism, volunteering with recovering addicts, and design. She says living a mile from her work place is a dream come true.

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Will Shepherd – Marketing Manager

Will has been working in nonprofit marketing & media production since 2007 when he began supporting efforts for carsharing around San Francisco.  Being car-free inspired Will to embrace Bay Area cycling culture and begin advocating for others to reconsider their daily commuting patterns.  After moving to Boulder in 2015 he began helping eGo CarShare with community outreach and started working as Marketing Manager in 2016.


He also enjoys local music in Boulder, exploring new areas in Denver and adventuring around the Rocky Mountains.

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Brian Crawford – Boulder Fleet Manager

Brian Crawford joined the eGo CarShare team in November of 2015. He previously worked for Real Good Solar Energy and brings with him a passion for sustainability. Brian is an avid bike rider and has been car-free for over 5 years. He enjoys getting outdoors, backpacking, and brewing beer.

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Jim Chappell – Denver Fleet Manager

Jim came to Colorado in 2002 with his wife Betsy and his six children. The loves of his life are his family, studying history, automobiles- old and new, and going to the mountains at least once each month.

Jim takes care of servicing the Denver vehicle fleet and occasional community outreach.  He has been a member since 2011 and believes strongly in the environmental mission of eGo CarShare.

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Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

Alliance for Sustainable Colorado advances sustainability through collaboration

The mission of the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is to advance sustainability through collaboration among nonprofits, business, government, and education. Collaboration and the triple bottom line, long-term perspective are the central focus of their work. The Alliance has a deep commitment to sustainability, and considers the impacts of decisions made today on future generations. They are nonpartisan, broadly inclusive, promote diversity, and lead by example.

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Why do we operate as a nonprofit?

We’re committed to helping our members share more than just cars. We want to promote community through a shared sense of purpose. By sharing the costs of car ownership, more resources will be available for the things that truly matter – like clean air, water, and open space instead of parking lots. Shared vehicles, in combination with urban cycling and reliable transit, give our nonprofit model the leverage to partner with virtually unlimited opportunities and offer our members the lowest rates possible. For more information, check out our Mission.

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Will eGo CarShare’s usage fees go up with the price of gasoline?

We have one of the lowest fee schedules of any carshare organization in North America, and we held our rates steady throughout the wildly fluctuating gas prices in 2008. We aim to keep our service affordable to encourage new membership in lieu of car ownership. Our nonprofit model helps ensure that we can continue these objectives. However, we do recognize that gas prices are certain to rise again, and modest adjustments may become necessary. Our goal of adding mostly alternative-fuel vehicles to our fleet will help insulate us from unpredictable oil prices, and provide you with the cleanest transportation options available.

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How old do I have to be to apply?

You must have at least 2 years licensed driving experience. If you are between 18 – 21 years old you must have a sparkling clean driving record.

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Do I have to have a Colorado state license?

You don’t have to have a Colorado driver’s license to be a member. We accept licenses from other states and countries (go here for information on foreign drivers licenses). If you are a new Colorado resident, please review the Department of Revenue’s requirements for getting a Colorado driver’s license.

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How long does it take to get approved?

It takes approximately 1 business day to be approved for membership.

On your application, we recommend you choose to have your fob mailed to you. Fobs arrive in the mail in 1-3  days. If you are local, you will typically receive your fob the next day!

If you are in a rush or need to show your foreign license, you can pick up the fob in our offices downtown Boulder or Denver. You will need to call ahead to ensure pickup availability (typically 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday). We hold non-foreign licenses for one week then mail them.

If you are in a hurry and would like to rush the application process, take a look at our rush policy (you will have to pick up your fob from one of our offices).

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Will a car be available when I need one?

All reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. 75% of all reservations are made less than 24 hours in advance and 50% are made less than two hours in advance. If you plan ahead, chances are very good you’ll get the exact vehicle you want, when you want it. You can also schedule up to 4 months in advance!

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What if I need the vehicle longer than I reserved it?

If you are running late:

1) Use the web, mobile reservation website or phone system to extend your reservation.

2) If the car is already booked immediately after you, and you can’t get the car back on time, notify eGo CarShare immediately by calling 303.720.1185! Late fees will be assessed, but they will be significantly less if we can shift the next user to another car because you let us know ahead of time!

Remember, it will always be cheaper to bring the car back early than to return it late!

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