How do I add a driver to my personal or business account?

You can save money by sharing an eGo CarShare account with family members, housemates, or coworkers. If you would like to set up a group account (household, business, organization, school) please visit our Join Now page and create a Household Account or Business/Nonprofit/University Department Account. We do have to check driving records for all applicants, which means the $25 application fee applies to each new driver.

Want to join someone else’s already existing account?

This version of the application allow someone to become a driver on a Personal Account.

On a Business Account, drivers can join by clicking one of the links below and adding either:

  1. A Dual Account (this allows them to become a driver on the company account and also add a FREE personal account)


  1. A Driver Account (company account only)

Whichever option you choose, please enter the Business or Nonprofit company name in the “Member Name” field at the top of the application so we know which organization you are joining.

The main contact on the business account will receive invoices via e-mail on a monthly basis for all use incurred by the associate drivers who have been  granted permission to join the account.  We screen all associate drivers before adding them to an account and notify the main contact as we complete this process for each driver.  Upon receiving the invoices from us we ask that the main contact promptly review them to ensure that all usage shown has indeed been pre-approved.

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