Do I need to fill the gas tank?

Yes – sometimes. It is the responsibility of each member to fill the tank whenever the tank is at or less than ¼ full. But you don’t have to pay for it!

Members are required to refuel whenever the gas gauge is at or below 1/4 tank (that’s 2 bars of gas in the Priuses). Use the universal gas card found in the glove compartment of each car. When you swipe the card at the pump, you will be prompted to enter the odometer reading and the Driver ID number. Follow the directions on the card to find this number. This is NOT your personal membership number.

If you do NOT refuel when required, you will be charged a $25 refueling penalty fee. Please keep an eye on the gauge on your way back to your parking space.

 Refueling Tips
  • Refuel with 85 octane gas.
  • The gas cards in each car work at almost all gas stations.
  • Enter the current odometer reading and Driver ID correctly.
  • If you need to pay with your own money for some reason (this is rare), please take a photo of the receipt and email it to This will speed up your reimbursement. Otherwise, leave the receipt in the glove compartment with the gas card and include your member number.
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