Carrie Murphy

Carrie Murphy is one of the new crop of eGo board members, elected onto the board in May 2013. Carrie has been happily carsharing since 2003: first with City CarShare in San Francisco, and then in 2009 with eGo. Leaving a career in arts administration at San Francisco Opera in 2008, Carrie sought to find a new field that combined her passion for sustainability and a healthy built environment. This path lead her to a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, which she received in 2013. Carrie is currently working with Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) to help measure the impact that BHP’s service coordinators have with some of their lower-income residents. She is glad to get the word out about carsharing whenever possible, and believes in the service as an essential part of the transportation toolkit. Ask her about carsharing and you’ll get an enthusiastic earful.

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