Carolyn Barndt – Member Services

Carolyn has been car-free for most of her adult life in Denver, which is longer than she cares to admit. She learned to question the heedless exploitation of natural resources while reading Rousseau at St. John’s College and earning a highly marketable degree in Philosophy. A longtime employee of the Tattered Cover, Carolyn has also worked on progressive political campaigns and raised funds for nonprofits like the NRDC, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Sierra Club. She first joined a carshare in 2011, but generally rides a single speed cruiser everywhere she can make it go.

Favorite Member Interaction: It’s hard to pick just one, because our members are so awesome, and I’m the one they talk to every day! I do remember that right after I started, in late 2012, I helped a delightful elderly gentleman who was having a little trouble getting the hang of making reservations online. He was gracious and courteous and kept calling me “my darling” in a way that somehow managed to be nothing but charming and grandfatherly. It gave me warm fuzzies. He was such a sweetie pie!

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