Alyssa Alt – Assistant Director

After completing her Masters Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from UCD in 2009, Alyssa was looking for her next big thing. She fell into carsharing, the Next Big Thing in sustainable transportation, and has been helping grow this grassroots organization ever since. She grew up in the “best small town” in Wisconsin (maybe the best small town anywhere), got a degree from the University of Minnesota, and moved to Florida for a year to build houses with Habitat for Humanity before finally putting down roots in Denver. She is active in the community, focusing on active transportation and access to healthy food. Alyssa loves to spend as much time outside as possible – sleeping in tents, playing in the mountains, exploring places near and far, and helping shape the community she has grown to love. She has her biggest ideas while pedaling around the city on her bike.

Favorite Member Interaction: We had a Zap (a three-wheeled, neighborhood electric vehicle) donated to eGo. I was driving it from our Denver office to the Auraria Campus for an event (about half a mile) when it just stopped working. I was sitting stranded at an intersection when someone came up to me and said, Hey, I’m an eGo CarShare member – do you need help? I said, Yes! and together we pushed the Zap down the sidewalk (it’s small) to his office, where he found a place to park it. What a great way to meet a member.

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