Roxanne & DJ help eGo at the Denver County Fair!

Roxanne & DJ help eGo at the Denver County Fair!

Ah yes, volunteering. That civic-minded activity that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Let us help you boost your “carma.” We have lots of great projects you can help with – from representing eGo CarShare at local festivals and helping keep our cars clean to interning or serving on our board. Contact us for more information about our current volunteer needs, or check back here for updates.

Current Volunteer Needs:
  • Car Captains – Do you like to wash cars? Are you interested in helping us keep our fleet sparkling while earning $10 of carshare credit a month? If so, we are currently looking for Car Captains in Boulder and Denver. Please e-mail support@carshare.org with your interest and let us know if there is a specific eGo CarShare vehicle you would like to help with.
  • Neighborhood eGo Liaisons – We’ll send you a bunch of our brochures for you to distribute to local businesses (cafes, book stores, organic grocers, etc.) throughout your neighborhood.
  • Tabling at Events – We table at a lot of local events throughout the year.  Let us know if you’d like to help out and get carshare usage credit!
  • Interning – Are you someone who want to gain experience with an exciting social enterprise nonprofit? Contact us and let’s talk about how you can put your skills to work! Email info@carshare.org with your interest and resume.
If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail us at volunteer@carshare.org or call us at 303.720.1185.

Please let us know if there are upcoming events that eGo CarShare should be a part of!

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