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Stuck at school with out a car? We can get you around town, to the concert, and up to the mountains. Check out our affordable rates, that include gas, maintenance, and insurance! We think you’ll find that carsharing and college go together like pizza and studying.

Have a car but never drive it? Between classes, studying, and a few *cough* parties, who really has time to go anywhere? Wouldn’t you really rather spend your money at the thrift store – and oh yeah, maybe on some of those outrageously expensive textbooks? Next year leave your car (and your insurance payments) at home and share with us!

18 – 21 years old? You can still join, provided you have a squeaky clean driving record , a credit or debit card (or a parent who will let you use theirs), and two years of driving history. By clean we mean NO accidents or traffic violations, and no unresolved (unpaid) parking tickets of any kind.

If you meet these requirements, please review our Membership Handbook & Agreement.

Faculty & Staff

eGo CarShare is not just for students! As a member of a campus community you are invited and encouraged to share with us. Now you can use our great transit and bike networks to get to work without feeling abandoned if you need to quickly run to an appointment, pick up a sick kid from school, or work into the wee hours on grading all those midterms. Work for a department that could use wheels from time to time? Check with your department head to see if you already have an account or sign up for an university account and add your co-workers or student employees.

Create an account for each department that would like a separate billing invoice. Each department will need to select a contact person to complete and manage the account as the Account Authority. The Account Authority must also complete one of the following personal applications. Each month the Account Administrator will receive a fully itemized invoice that documents application costs, drivers’ hours and mileage, trip purpose, cost per trip, and any other charges or credits incurred by the Drivers of the account.

University Partners

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Is your campus not listed? Send us an email and we’ll work together to bring carsharing to you:

Application Categories

In a RUSH?

We’ll put your application at the front of the line! Submit all of your materials, complete the short Online Orientation, and call us to let us know you’re in a hurry. The fee for quick processing is $50 (vs. our regular $25 application fee), which means we rush your application through our process, usually completing it on the same business day. (Time may vary if you have a non-Colorado drivers license or are an International Driver)

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