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Estimated Cost FAQs

What is the estimated reservation cost?

The estimated cost is calculated at the time you make your reservation and is charged to your credit or debit card the day after your trip. The estimated cost assumes that you drive 5 miles per hour of reserved time. If you drive more than 5 miles per hour of reserved time your actual cost will be higher than estimated. If you drive fewer miles your actual cost will be lower than estimated. Any discrepancy between your estimated trip cost and actual trip cost  is automatically corrected on your monthly invoice.

How is the estimated cost calculated?

Time $ = Hourly Rate X number of hours reserved. There is a daily maximum per day for the hourly rate, which applies even if the reservation is not for a full 24 hours.
Distance $ = 5 miles X number of hours reserved X mileage rate.
Sales Tax $ = Sales tax of 8.21% (Boulder) and 11.25% (Denver) is added.
Estimated Cost

What if the actual cost of my trip is different from the estimate?

At the end of the month we get the mileage data from the cars and calculate the actual cost of your trips. You will receive a detailed invoice the first week of each month via e-mail which shows your itemized trip details, payments collected throughout the month, and the remaining balance or credit on your account. If you have a balance due the amount will be automatically billed to your credit or debit card on the specified date (around the 10th of the month). If you have a credit it will be available for your next trip or can be refunded to you by request.

Why don’t you just charge the actual cost right away?

We currently don't have the technical ability to bill actual trip costs on a daily basis. At the time you complete your trip our billing system does not know the exact number of miles you drove. So the best option we have is to use the average miles driven per hour in the trip estimate calculation. We eventually hope to have the capability to institute real-time billing. We will inform our members prior to such a change being made.

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Remember gas AND full insurance are included in the rates above!