There are many benefits to being an eGo member, including discounts at partner organizations and roaming agreements with partner carsharing companies!
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eGo members get a great discount on becoming a Community Cycles member! Let them know you’re part of eGo CarShare and you can get an individual membership for only $30 (normally $50) or a household membership for $50 (usually $70). Community Cycles members get access to the repair shop, bike tools, workshops, and store discounts. Find out more about their benefits here and help support a local nonprofit helping to make biking in Boulder even better and more accessible for all.

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If you love sharing a car, how about sharing a bike? eGo members can get a FREE month of the new People’s Peddler pass with Boulder B-Cycle. Just use promo code 30EGO2016 here to get your 30 day pass at no cost!

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Did you know that as an eGo CarShare member you can join BikeDenver for only $10? Simply use promo code CarShare16 here!

As a membership supported organization, every member is vital in supporting BikeDenver’s mission to make Denver a more bicycle-friendly city. The more members they have, the more collective power to advocate on behalf of the bicycling community. Together, our voices will impact the future of Denver.

Join today and help guarantee a better tomorrow for bicyclists!


Based on the way that most members use Denver B-cycle, they’ve created a new, flexible option that offers more value.With the new Flex Pass, a $15 annual fee gets you a year of rides for just $3 per half-hour. So whether you use B-cycle once a month or everyday, you can get a great value as a Flex Pass member.

You can start using the Flex Pass right away by swiping your credit card at any kiosk. Then, you’ll receive your own Flex Pass B-fob in the mail which you can instantly scan at the dock to check out a bike from any of the 89 Denver B-cycle Stations.
Use promo code EGO16 for $5 off of your signup!
Use your eGo CarShare Membership with our Partner CarSharing Organizations!

As a eGo CarShare member, you get driving privileges in other cities!CSA Founding Member To take advantage of this benefit, click on the logos below for the roaming carshare’s website. Be sure to mention you are an eGo CarShare member and include your member number on the application form. By signing up, you agree that eGo CarShare may forward a copy of your driving and payment records on request. For more information email or call the carshare you are visiting.

CarrotCarrot operates in Mexico City, Mexico. Please contact them for more information about using their service while in Mexico City. 1.800.1CARROT
CarShare VermontCarShare Vermont serves Burlington, VT. eGo CarShare members can join the ‘Share-a-Lot’ or ‘Share-a-Little’ plan while visiting. 802.861.2340
Car To GoCar To Go operates in Aspen, Colorado, a program through the City of Aspen. Please contact them for more information about how to use their service the next time you visit. 970.920.5066
City CarShareCity CarShare serves the San Francisco Bay Area. eGo CarShare members do not pay a signup fee or a deposit, and are only charged a fee of $10 in any month when cars are used. 415.995.8588
communautoCommunatuo operates in Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, and Sherbrooke in Quebec Providence, Canada. Please contact them for more infomration about how to use their service. 1.877.942.4545 (Montreal) 1.877.523.1788 (Quebec City) Contact Form
GoGetGoGet serves Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. GoGet uses lockboxes and you will need to pick up a key. Please contact them prior to your trip for more information. 300.769.389
HourCar HourCar serves St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. eGo CarShare members are offered a special no-monthly fee promotion, and a low application fee. You will need a HourCar key fob. 651.221.4462
Ithaca CarShareIthaca Carshare serves Ithaca, NY. eGo CarShare members do not pay an application fee or an annual fee and can drive on the ‘Just in Case’ plan for up to 30 days. 607.277.3210
modo.Modo, the car co-op, serves British Columbia, Canada with vehicles in Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby and more. eGo CarShare members can join with no admin fee, no registration fee, or deposit required using the Casual Rate plan. 877.226.2277
ZAZCARZazcar operates in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Please contact them about using their service the next time you visit San Paolo. (11) 3059-0999

Visiting the Denver/Boulder Area?

Members of the above carshare organizations have access to the eGo CarShare fleet while visiting! There is no signup fee or deposit required, but you must complete an application. Please be sure to enter your home carshare name and member ID under the notes section in the application. eGo CarShare will contact your home carshare to ensure you are a member in good standing. Please call us at 303.720.1185 or email for assistance, to learn more about our roaming policy, or to set up a time to retrieve a key fob for the eGo fleet.