Green Colorado Award 2014 LogoeGo Carshare was founded with the mission of reducing the environmental and social impact of vehicle ownership. We remain committed to that principle in everything we do. In 2014, eGo CarShare was recognized by Colorado Biz with the Inaugural Green Colorado Award.

Fleet Efficiency

Aside from our rented office space, our impact comes from our fleet of fuel efficient vehicles. Every year we work to improve our efficiency by adding more hybrids and electric vehicles. We still have a long way to go to get to the level of efficiency we would like to be at, but we are getting there!

  • Our 2012 fleet average (trucks included): 33.5 mpg
  • Our 2013 fleet average (trucks included): 34.6 mpg, a 3% increase
  • Adjusted “real world” average mpg of cars sold in the US in 2013: 24.8 mpg

Impacts of Round Trip CarSharing

Not to be confused with “one way” or “free floating” carsharing, round trip carsharing, like eGo CarShare, has a well documented positive impact on public transportation, biking, walking, and reducing the number of personally owned vehicles. There are numerous studies by other round trip carsharing organizations, academics, and consultants documenting that every round trip carshare vehicle replaces 9-13 personal vehicles.

Our own research collected from 584 members indicates the same positive impacts. All answers below are in response to the question “Since joining eGo CarShare, do you do the following things less, about the same, or more than you did before joining eGo CarShare?”

Impact on Public Transportation Use
Impact on Bike Use
Impact on Walking
Impact on Private Car Use