eGo CarShare is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit carsharing organization serving the Denver-Boulder metro area. Our mission is to provide and promote alternatives to individual car ownership, thereby reducing the environmental and social impacts associated with motor vehicle use.

We’re committed to our community.

eGo CarShare is a local, affordable, sustainable, and innovative organization, committed to serving and improving our community.

LocalEntrepreneurial by Nature

eGo started in Boulder in 1997(!) as “The Little Red Car Co-op”. Since then we have remained focused solely on serving our neighbors in the Denver/Boulder area. We are proud to be an institution that contributes to making Colorado the best place to call home.

Member Support

We offer superior, local 24/7 member support. When you call Member Suppport (303.720.1185), you can be guaranteed that one of our friendly, local staff members will immediately help answer or resolve whatever question or issue you have. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our members and making carsharing as easy and convenient for you as possible. Most of our staff members don't own cars, which means we're also eGo CarShare members! Chances are we will have firsthand knowledge about most any issue you encounter. Call or e-mail us. We're here to help.

Community Focus

eGo is focused on making our community the best place to call home. One way to do that is by reducing our dependence on personal vehicles, which helps create a more walkable, bikeable, and enjoyable community. We also strive to make our community better by partnering to provide discounted carsharing access to low-income and other groups that can benefit from carsharing. Click on the links to find out more about our Affordable Housing Multi-modal Toolkit, Casa Esperanza Pilot Program and Boulder Cooperative Housing programs.

Integrated with Public Transportation

eGo is part of our local transportation network, providing a public service designed to enhance mobility options. We support all means of transportation that have a lower environmental impact. That’s why we like to locate our cars next to B-cycle, bus, and light rail stations, and why we keep bike and bus maps in our cars. Our motto has always been, “Walk, bike, ride the bus, but when you need us, we’re here.”


We partner with our local governments, nonprofits, and businesses. Check out our partners page for more information.


eGo has some of the lowest hourly carshare rates and best insurance coverage in the country, and with our unbundled mileage rate, members are really only paying for what they use. They have an economic incentive to minimize their trip distance, and thus shop, play and work as locally as possible.

Mission Focus

We exist to provide carsharing as a service, not a business. By design, we keep our margins as low as possible, and keep our members and mission at the forefront of all financial decisions.

Premium Insurance Coverage

We have $1,000,000 in liability coverage – more than double the recommended amount – and a low deductible, because we are a nonprofit! We also offer a Damage Fee Waiver Program that allows you to reduce your deductible to $0.

InnovativeCSA Founding Member

eGo is committed to expanding the reach of carshare to RTD’s full service area through strategic partnerships with community and transportation organizations. Most for-profit carshare providers in other cities focus primarily on select pockets of the city, which further exacerbates transportation equity issues.

Affordable Housing Multi-modal Toolkit

eGo CarShare was awarded a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant through Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) for 2014-2015 to create "Multi-modal Toolkits" for residents in various affordable housing neighborhoods in Boulder and Denver. Partial matching funding is being provided by Mile High Connects and The Denver Foundation. eGo will partner with Boulder Housing Partners (BHP), Denver Housing Authority (DHA) and Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver (HFHMD) to provide select households with significantly subsidized monthly transit passes, easy access to carsharing at discounted rates, free or discounted B-cycle memberships and/or access to pool bikes, and education about the multi-modal transportation options available to them. The program began in the spring of 2014 and will run through February 2016. Find out more about this program and to see if you live in a participating neighborhood here.

CarSharing Association Founding Member

Our commitment to the sharing economy extends beyond our local partners. As a founding member of the International CarSharing Association, we support the growth of carsharing across the U.S. and around the world. Because we’re a nonprofit, we can collaborate, not compete, with other nonprofit carshare organizations and share experience to further improve our service.


eGo’s Loanation Program (Peer-to-Peer) allows community members to add their personal vehicles to the carshare fleet. In exchange, eGo takes care of maintenance and insurance and gives the members carshare credit that can be used for any car in the fleet. eGo also piloted a joint access card with Denver B-cycle that allows members to access both shared services with one card.

SustainableGreen Colorado Award 2014 Logo

eGo is doing its part to keep our environment happy and healthy for all. According to our own member survey and national research, every car in our fleet replaces 9-13 privately owned vehicles, and our members drive 52% less than when they owned their own car! In 2014, eGo CarShare was recognized by Colorado Biz with the Inaugural Green Colorado Award.

Organizational Impact

eGo practices what it preaches. The majority of our staff does not own cars and gets around town via active transportation. Our Denver office is located at the Alliance Center, which provides below-market rent and operational support to nonprofit organizations all focused on some aspect of sustainability policies and practices.

Fleet Impact

eGo's fleet boasts an average fuel efficiency of 33.7 mpg, compared to the national average of only 20.3 mpg. Not only are fewer miles being driven, but the miles driven are in much more fuel-efficient vehicles, a huge win for air quality. We also choose to keep mileage and hourly charges separate. It all comes back to our mission to reduce the impact of single occupancy car driving on the community and the environment. By keeping the mileage separate, we incentivize people to work, shop, and play as locally as possible. There is a real cost to the environment (air pollution, CO2 emissions) and community (traffic, wear and tear to roads) for every mile driven so we encourage people to consider their impact.

Mission Driven