Member Testimonials

“While in Denver, we used eGo CarShare 3 times – even once at the last minute. We found the locations easily each time. This was so much easier than renting a car, paying for parking at the hotel, and letting the car sit unused for days! We look forward to using eGo the next time we are in Denver.”

– Shirley, Roaming Member from Philadelphia

“For the past five years I have lived a car-free lifestyle in Denver.  This decision was made for various reasons, including the need to save money by not owning and maintaining a vehicle.  While bike commuting gets me around the city for the most part, there are times when I need a car to run errands, travel to appointments, etc.  The bus system can often be time consuming and cumbersome for these types of trips, so I have come to heavily rely upon the eGo CarShare program.”

– Jenny, eGo CarShare Member since 2011