Is CarSharing Right for Me?

CarShare is a great fit for anyone who needs a car – just not all the time.

eGo CarShare is the most convenient and affordable way to access a vehicle if you don’t own a car (Wow! Good for you!) and sometimes need one; your household only owns one car, and occasionally needs two; you need a truck or minivan for hauling dirt or kids; your car just died, and you don’t want to replace it; or you don’t trust your rust-bucket car to get up to the mountains.

eGo CarShare is also great for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint; who commute using public transit, walking, bicycling, or other alternative modes; or who want to reduce their monthly transportation costs.

Businesses and organizations like eGo CarShare because it allows their employees access to a vehicle for client meetings or to pick up supplies, without investing in a fleet car or having to deal with reimbursements. It also demonstrates to clients and customers that your business really walks the sustainability talk.

Still not convinced? See what some of our members have to say, compare carsharing to owning, calculate what a trip would cost, or contact us below.

Want to learn more about how it works? Check out our informational video.

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