Individuals / Households

If you’re thinking about joining for personal use, we strongly recommend that all licensed drivers in your household sign up. The greatest carsharing benefits and cost savings are realized when all eligible drivers in your household are eGo CarShare members.  With key fobs in the pockets of each household member, everyone will have peace of mind knowing that access to a car is just a few clicks (or a phone call) and a few blocks away.

If you share an account, only one of you will have to pay the $10 monthly admin fee. (Or you can choose the Peace of Mind plan and not even have to pay that.) Everyone’s usage will be combined onto one invoice and billed to the same credit card. Each person’s individual usage will be clearly indicated on the invoice so you can easily split the cost.

There is a $25 application fee per person.

In a RUSH?

We’ll put your application at the front of the line! Submit all of your materials, complete the short Online Orientation, and call us to let us know you’re in a hurry. The fee for quick processing is $50 (vs. our regular $25 application fee), which means we rush your application through our process, usually completing it on the same business day. (Time may vary if you have a non-Colorado drivers license or are an International Driver)

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