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Drive Your Business with a Boost in eGo!

eGo CarShare is eager to share the good news with area Boulder and Denver businesses. Sponsorship Opportunities are now available for companies wanting to improve the well being of our community.

Your Brand on the Go:

DBI SponsorshipImagine the buzz generated as your brand rolls around town flashing off its eco-conscious vibe on one of our hybrid vehicles. With limited opportunities available, now is the time to accelerate your marketing impressions with unprecedented value and impact.

We did the math for you. An eGo CarShare sponsorship gives your advertising dollars a huge “brake” and offers you a year-long campaign that shifts your corporate social responsibility into a whole new green gear. Check out our Boulder Sponsorship Location Map and strategically choose a location that best matches your target market. But plan on being pleasantly surprised when your market share grows, as your brand will be on the go all around the metro area!

Rolling with Benefits:


An eGo CarShare sponsorship is loaded with the following tangible benefits for your company and stakeholders.

  • Accelerates your brand with multiple marketing avenues
  • Encourages alternative methods for employees to commute and travel during the work day
  • 24/7 access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles
  • No gas, insurance or maintenance costs
  • Discounted eGo Memberships and Free Ride Certificates
  • Simple to reserve, easy to use and efficient to keep track of expenses
  • Reduces parking spaces, traffic congestion, and land use issues
A No-Brainer for the Planet:

W.W. Reynolds Sponsorship

Together, we can Kick Gas and create a shared community vision for a healthier, more vibrant place to live. Each new carshare vehicle we place into service replaces 10-15 vehicles. With your support we can all breathe easier, knowing our air quality is improved with fewer cars on the road.

Contact us at 303.720.1185 or to be a part of this exciting movement.

Check out our Sponsorship Package, Boulder Sponsorship Location Map and Bulk Membership options today!