Denver Enterprise CarShare Members Join eGo for Free!

Hello Denver Occasional Car and Enterprise CarShare members,

Are you feeling unappreciated and frustrated with rate increases and policy changes?

We invite you to experience the excellent local Member Services staff our members rave about! We’re a local non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so you can rest assured that serving you and our community are our highest priorities. Plus, as a member of eGo CarShare, you can feel even better knowing that you’re helping support worthy programs in the Denver-Boulder community such as our innovative affordable housing multi-modal toolkit program!We recognize and appreciate the interest many Denver residents have in supporting our local economy and businesses. In celebration of this spirit, we are offering FREE memberships to existing Occasional Car/Enterprise members who wish to remain members of a local carshare organization. To get your free membership, simply enter promo code “OCLocal” on your application form – you can even keep your keyfob! As an added bonus, if you join by Oct 31, 2014, we’ll put you on our lowest-priced Free Wheelin’ rate plan and waive the monthly fee until March 31, 2015. (Must supply OC keyfob number to be eligible for this deal.)

Accelerate Your Freedom…from the corporate, for-profit world. Join eGo CarShare! 

Posted on 8/25/2014

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